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Welcome to The Sewing Basket

The Sewing Basket is a quilting and fabric store. We offer a range of fabrics for quilting and or clothing.  Our staff are friendly and knowledgeable when it comes to resolving your sewing needs. Dona Shadowen and Marie Goodridge are the co-founders of the store which opened in October of 2013.
Services we offer
Quilt assembly - you can bring in your ideas or we can help you decide on a pattern and colors. $20.00 per man hour includes cutting and sewing time.  You can also bring in your unfinished projects.
T-shirt Quilt - We can put your t-shirts together in a memory quilt that will be loved and used for years. $20.00 per man hour includes cutting and sewing time. You will also need stabilizer  and or other fabrics.
Quilt repair - We do repair work on your most loved quilt.  This is Dona's specialty, bring it in for a no cost evaluation.  Repairs are $20.00 per man hour plus materials as needed.
Long Arm Quilting - We have 8 long arm quilters
       4 - computer edge to edge, most patterns are .015 per square inch.
       3 - custom quilters that can turn your quilt top into a work of art. Prices range from .015 - .09 per sq. inch.
       1 - quilter that does meander only for .01 per square inch.


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