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Top 5 Quilting Trends For 2023 That You Need To Follow

Quilts pack a punch of bright color and have the power to give a room a timeless feel. Moreover, our top-quality fabrics are long-lasting and can be used for an extended period. If you need help deciding what pattern to choose for your quilt, we are more than happy to help you select a pattern and fabrics. Dona loves this part of our business. Social movements, such as sustainability and the latest designs, can inspire quilt patterns. So, what do the trends say about quilting patterns and colors? Let's dive in to find out, and then you can purchase from an online quilt store like us here at The Sewing Basket.

Chic Quilting Trends That You Will Fall In Love With

Following these unique trends, you can create custom quilts to give to your loved ones. They make a perfect gift, especially for graduating grandchildren, as the quilt can be memorable. Keep reading to find out the latest trends.

1. Great Love For Animal Prints

If your close one loves animals, then nothing can be more perfect than offering quilts with their favorite animal prints.  You can search for quilt fabric shops near me and choose from them. 

2. Funky Texture For A Versatile Look

Funky textures like adding cuddle (minky) or using Chenille It on select fabric or geometric patterns offer a more jazzy touch to your quilt. Moreover, the colorful pattern can easily match the color of the room's interior, making the space brighter. 

3. Upcycling Used Clothes By Following Sustainability

Keeping in mind sustainability, use your t-shirts to make the perfect memory quilt. The scraps from your stash, plus add some from your friends stash to create a great scrappy quilt. Use your fathers, brothers, sons ties to make a unique tie quilt.  Shirts and blouses also make good quilts. With these initiatives, a masterpiece will be made along with saving the landfill from more trash. You can ask any nearby online quilt stores like The Sewing Basket to help you make quilts with old clothing.

4. Two-Tone Quilts


Want a minimalist approach in the room with your quilt? Then try out a two-tone quilt that is highly recommended for some of our younger crowd. You can choose the colors of the quilt with the contrasting color of that “special” someone in your life. Additionally, the two-tone quilts will give a soothing visual experience.

5. Forever Floral Quilting 

Floral quilts are always in and can never be out of fashion. The bright colors give the room plenty of nature vibes, making it more realistic. If you are searching for floral prints, you can head to our online quilt stores at The Sewing Basket. We have a vast variety of choices for you to choose from.

Hop Into The Trends!

So, these are some of the trendy quilt fabrics that can be an excellent choice for your room or as a gift. Further, no need to search for online quilt fabric stores, as we at The Sewing Basket are here for you. You can purchase all kinds of fabrics for your quilt and create a masterpiece. Connect with us today and explore all the varieties.