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What Varieties May You Find While Looking For Fabric Online?

While looking for fabric online, color and pattern are the first things you notice in each item. The fabric's look and quality allow you to showcase your style and choice. You might be looking for a particular shade or design to complement the theme of your room. You won't run out of options in either case as the store is filled with vibrant variety. 

You may find it hard to choose when provided with countless choices, even if you were initially clear about what you wanted to purchase. 

Some Popular Fabrics And Designs That Are Available Online 

When you look for fabric shops near me, you get a list of results and a link to their websites. When browsing the website, you find many patterns and colors matching your needs. Read on to know which patterns, designs, and colors are trending. 

1. Wool

The soft, thick, and durable flannel woolies fabric is everyone's favorite in winter. They are available in different colors and patterns; one can also go for natural wool. You will find a range under your budget from plain to printed flannel wool-like fabric.

2. Fat Quarter

They are precut for quilting fabrics available in several colors and patterns. Fat quarters are helpful, especially if you don't have time to measure and cut the fabric. You can easily buy fabric online in fat quarters with different tones and designs. We will cut a Fat Quarter for you if you do not see one available.

3. Yardage

Yardage fabric minimizes fabric waste and ensures complete utilization of the fabric. Yardage also comes in various patterns and colors, so you don't have to compromise on what size you want or need. We offer a 20% discount on full bolt purchases. For example, Riley Blake white 10 yds @ $8500, save 20%, and it is only $6800, save $ 1700. 

4. Layer Cake

These are also precut fabrics helpful mostly in making quilts. Layer cakes come in 10" pieces grouped by a designer line (40-42 per pack). They are suitable for quick sewing quilts. You can find layer cakes in various prints like animals, florals, or geometrics. 

5. Charms 

Our charms are available in sizes 5 " and mini charm 2/2 square, 40-42 per pack. 

6. JellyRoll

Jelly rolls are 2.5 strips, all from one line of fabric, usually 40-42 per roll. These curated bundles are primarily suitable for handicrafts such as patchwork quilting. They are also available in various colors and patterns to suit your needs.

7. Honey Bun

We have honey buns always available in 1.5 strips, in white and black. 

Get High-Quality Fabric From Us!

For a variety of fabrics, designs, and colors, contact The Sewing Basket. We offer sewing fabric online for quilts, home decor clothing, and much more. Browse and explore our comprehensive collection of high-quality fabrics at unbeatable prices today.